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Discover the best tool to easily manage and create GTA 5 addon cloth packs. Supporting singleplayer DLCs and the most popular GTA 5 multiplayer mods FiveM, alt:V & RageMP.

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GTA 5 Clothes packs got Simple

Creating GTA 5 addon cloth packs was never easier

Rich 3D preview
Many advanced options
Easy import
Easy cloth optimization

Made for people that don't want to waste hours testing around

Durty Cloth Tool is the best available tool to easily create & manage your GTA 5 addon cloth packs (for singleplayer, FiveM, alt:V & RageMP) without any knowledge in GTA 5 modding needed.

It supports you on your GTA 5 clothes modding journey by providing all features needed for you to create cloth addon packs with working high heel shoes, hats that cut or remove hairs and more.

Cloth modding has never been easier with the help of 3d previews of your cloth drawables and textures + super easy advanced optimization options to get the best out of your clothes.

Our Key Features

Features made for beginners and professionals

Easily add clothes

Use one of many easy ways to easily add clothes to your addon cloth pack project. You can choose between adding single files or automatically search in one or multiple folders.

Import from folders

Import from existing cloth addon or replace mods like EUP with ease by selecting the target folder, it will automatically resolve all needed information and add it as new addon clothes.

Edit clothes easily

Fine tune added clothes with the many options we provide. Make hats cut or remove hairs completely, edit high heels to work properly or change basic data of your cloth drawables.

Generate resource output

Choose your target resource type and generate ready to use resource folders or .rpfs for use on your favorite FiveM, alt:V or RageMP server. You can also generate output that works on your singleplayer game.

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Thank you
I really thank this, the software is incredible, plus it's quick to export, I can easily change order when I want and therefore I no longer need to shift everything its life changing ❤
FiveM Server modder
My tasks are now painless
I update our server clothes very often and manually changing expressionMods setting was pain. With this tool it got so much easier, thank you
FiveM Server cloth modder
Making GTA 5 modding easier
I am the developer of the Durty Cloth Tool, Pleb Masters: Forge, Durty Map Editor and some more stuff on my public GitHub, my goal is to make the GTA 5 modding journey much more easier and efficient for everybody out there. I love to develop tools that help you and are as easy as possible.
Creator of the tool & Pleb Masters: Forge founder
Very nice dev
I got quick support and the issues I reported got fixed within a day, thank you for this amazing tool!
FiveM Server Dev
Finally something that works
I had to create a huge addon clothes pack with EUP and some other clothes for my RageMP server and other tools made the game crash and i had to do many things manually. This helped me a lot, great tool!
RageMP Server modder
Using it since the beginning
I've tested the new tool since the first minute and i was always surprised what's possible to do and how the tool is making creating cloth dlc's much easier.
alt:V Server Owner & dev

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