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0 /month
  • 5 drawables per type
  • 7 textures per drawable
  • No support


10 /month
  • Unlimited drawables
  • Unlimited textures
  • General support


15 /month
  • Unlimited drawables
  • Unlimited textures
  • Premium support
  • Pleb Masters premium

Frequent questions

How do i get started?

Make sure to follow our guide on how to get started before. If you subscribed to one of the Patreon tiers that include a Durty Cloth Tool license, you will find further help on how to register your license, in the tool. ('Help > Register license' in the tool)

Where can i get support?

You can get support on our discord server, click here for the invite link.

Are updates included?

All updates are free of charge and always included with any license. You can always grab the latest version from our GitHub releases. Our app will also notify you about new updates on startup.

Can I use the license for my lifetime?

No, licenses are currently generated on a monthly base and require you to have an active Patreon subscription running.

Does this tool only support addon cloth files?

You can easily add cloth files from replace cloth mods (Like EUP often is) too, including textures. As long as they are made for the GTA 5 freemode models, they will work seamlessly additionally to the general available addon cloth mods.

Do you have a refund policy?

Our tool can be tested without any restriction in its feature set, completely for free, in before. You are free to cancel your Patreon subscription at any time, if you are not happy with the tool.

Can I use the licenses on multiple PCs or share it with my team?

You are not allowed to share your license with multiple persons. To prevent this, every license is bound to a single PC. To move your license to another PC, you need to unregister it first from your tool (Help > License Info menu) and register it on a new PC using the accounts portal.